Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Together with his parents, Klaus-Michael Kühne established the Kühne Foundation in the year 1976. The deed of the Foundation is support for training, further education, scholarships and research in the fields of transport and logistics. It is also involved in Humanitarian Logistics and supports a project “Global Free Trade” at the University of Zurich. Furthermore, the Kühne Foundation has established a Medicine Campus in Davos, Switzerland, supporting there two major research projects in the fields of allergology and cardiology, and runs the Hochgebirgsklinik. In the area of culture, the Kühne Foundation supports festivals, operas and concert halls in Europe, and the annual Harbour Front Literature Festival.

HELP Logistics AG registered in 2014 as a non-profit organisation in Schindellegi, Switzerland. It is a subsidiary company of the Kühne Foundation. Since 2016, HELP Logistics has established four regional offices; Singapore (Asia), Amman (Middle East), Nairobi (East Africa) and Dakar (West Africa).

From these centres, our dedicated supply chain and logistics experts partner with a range of government, academic and professional institutions.

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