Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics



HELP Logistics AG registered in 2014 as a non-profit organisation in Schindellegi, Switzerland. It is a subsidiary company of the Kühne Foundation. Since 2016, HELP Logistics has established four regional offices; Singapore (Asia), Amman (Middle East), Nairobi (East Africa) and Dakar (West Africa). From these centres, our dedicated supply chain and logistics experts partner with a range of government, academic and professional institutions.


HELP Logistics is an active operational non-profit organisation. We pursue our agenda by working collaboratively on projects and programmes with a clear problem statement and implementing hand-in-hand through regional office representation. We employ lean structures to manage projects in a creative, cost effective and impactful manner.

Governing Principles

HELP Logistics operates against a background of governing principles:

1. Project Impact

We work with partners to understand and clearly define a problem statement. We develop performance metrics to measure outputs, outcomes and goals, while measuring impact.

2. Partner Readiness

We build long-term alliances with our partners through trust and respect and commitment to a common vision and strategic goals. We expect both parties to commit resources to deliver success together.

3. Funding Transparency

Our funding allows us to offer our time and services pro-bono and fund project activities and the fair reimbursement for third-party experts when needed. We do not provide donations.

4. Professional Dedicated Competencies

We build custom multi-disciplinary teams with professional personnel with high standards of education and cross-sector experience on each project.

5. Ensuring Compliance and Safety

We monitor and adapt to the evolving situational context by operating with awareness of the macro environment and the organisations strategic direction. We are transparent and compliant on organisation policies and ensure the highest safety and welfare standards for personnel.

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