Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Europe, Switzerland

Sean Rafter
Managing Director

Mr Sean Rafter's professional journey has been a rich blend of sectors, beginning as a Project Engineer for Ricardo Consulting Engineers. His vehicle refinement and acoustic development work laid a strong foundation for his ensuing roles. As a Support Engineer for Vitria Technology and later an Operations Team Leader for Sunrise Telecom, he developed a comprehensive understanding of IT Operations, business process integration, and customer technical support.

His humanitarian journey commenced with Merlin as a Logistics Coordinator, followed by roles as Emergency Logistics Manager with Save the Children UK and Head of Logistics Asia for Save the Children International. These experiences amplified his leadership skills and strategic vision, effectively managing logistics across diverse geographies.

Today, as Managing Director of HELP Logistics since 2015, Mr Rafter leverages his unique cross-industry knowledge to drive research, education, and consultation programmes that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics and supply chains in the humanitarian sector.

Jonas Stumpf
Director of Global Programs

Equipped with a Master's degree in Logistics and International Management from the University of Mannheim and a PhD from Vienna University of Economics and Business, Dr Jonas Stumpf brings a profound mix of knowledge and experience to HELP Logistics. His journey in the humanitarian supply chain began at the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), providing valuable insights through data analysis and staff training.

A pivotal period from 2013 to 2016 saw Dr Stumpf spearheading HELP's expansion into Asia, establishing vital networks and opening the first international office. Now, as the Director of Global Programs, his mission is enhancing the efficiency, effectiveness, resilience, and sustainability of HELP's supply chain services.

His commitment to the field also led him to co-found the Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD) at Kühne Logistics University in 2021, where he continues to serve as Operations Manager, driving research and innovation in humanitarian logistics.

East and Southern Africa, Kenya

Victoria Njunu
Regional Director, East & Southern Africa

With a successful career in logistics spanning over two decades, Mrs Victoria Njunu joined HELP Logistics as Project Manager for East Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Starting as a business analyst at DHL Express, she quickly found her footing in operations, assuming team leadership and management roles and leading continuous improvement projects using Six Sigma and Lean principles.

Her strategic acumen and operational knowledge led her to a senior leadership role within DHL, overseeing the commercial, operational, and financial leadership across Sub-Saharan Africa. Today, as HELP's Regional Director for East & Southern Africa, Mrs Njunu focuses on delivering supply chain resilience assessments within the region. Her enthusiasm for utilising her logistics expertise to enhance supply chains and improve lives is palpable in her work.

Niklas Jäschke
Senior Supply Chain Consultant, Digital Transformation

Starting his journey in the humanitarian sector with his master's thesis on supply chain resilience at the National University in Singapore (NUS) in 2015, Mr Niklas Jäschke has developed a robust skill set in supply chain optimisation and digital transformation. Armed with an M.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration from RWTH Aachen University, he has conducted industry consulting projects in production optimisation and logistics at leading German SMEs.

Building upon his industry experience and understanding of lean management and process optimisation, Mr Jaeschke developed and implemented a new planning process and tool at Daimler AG. Before his current role with HELP Logistics, he was a management consultant at P3 Group, leading a large-scale digital transformation project in the German transportation industry.

Mr Jaeschke now combines his strong technical background and consulting experience to support the humanitarian sector in East Africa.

Eva Brink Carvalho
Supply Chain Data Analyst

Eva Brink Carvalho holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering and an MSc in Engineering and Policy Analysis from the University of Coimbra, Portugal, and Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, respectively. This was where she honed her skills in modelling and simulation of sociotechnical problems, with a special interest in humanitarian logistics.

While pursuing her master’s degree, she worked at the Erasmus Medical Center, one of the largest Dutch hospitals, where she was part of a team that developed a model to optimise nursing and resource allocation during COVID-19 outbreaks.

Post her traineeship at the European Commission, Eva Brink Carvalho joined HELP Logistics in 2023 where she currently applies her analytical skills to improve the resilience and preparedness of Supply Chain systems.

Naomi Muriithi
Supply Chain Consultant, Health Systems & Pharmaceuticals

A pharmacist by profession, Ms Naomi Muriithi discovered her passion for medical supply chain and logistics during her tenure with the Kenyan Ministry of Health. She was instrumental in delivering HIV supplies to patients, which led her to enhance her purchasing and supply management skills by successfully completing CIPS.

Naomi's expertise was transformative in the private sector, where she championed a pharmacist-led purchasing process for all medical and non-medical supplies, driving efficiency. Her knack for identifying gaps and interpreting needs led to opportunities within NGOs in South Sudan, Pakistan, and Somalia.

Currently a Supply Chain Consultant for Health Systems and Pharmaceuticals with HELP Logistics, Naomi brings her diverse experiences and insights to partners in East and Southern Africa and Asia, continually improving supply chain systems in the health sector.

Bensolomon Baraka
Supply Chain Consultant, Food Systems & Agricultural Economics

After graduating with honours in Agricultural Economics and a minor in Rural Development in 2015, Mr Bensolomon Baraka embarked on a career with UNICEF Somalia, providing a practical evaluation of cash relief programmes. His initial research on enhancing food and nutrition security took him to Kenya and Peru.

Joining the CGIAR's gender program in Nairobi, he participated in groundbreaking research on African Female Scientist Empowerment, garnering funding from leading institutions like BMGF and USAID. A published authority on female scientist empowerment, Mr Baraka completed his double Master of Science in Agricultural and Applied Economics and is pursuing his PhD at Kuehne Logistics University.

At HELP Logistics East Africa, he contributes his robust understanding of evaluation and applied research to enhance rural-urban food supply systems and foster resilience in humanitarian supply chains.

Muthoni Karanja
Administration & Finance Officer

Since stepping out of college, Ms Karanja embarked on an exhilarating journey with the esteemed Kuehne+Nagel Group, showcasing her determination and ambition. Her exceptional achievements have propelled her to her current role as a member of the HELP Logistics team.

Ms Karanaja holds a bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance, providing a solid foundation for her thriving career. Additionally, she holds the esteemed title of a registered CPA (K), reflecting her unwavering commitment to professional excellence.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Ms Karanja finds great joy in engaging in CSR initiatives, giving back to her community, and making a positive impact. Her combination of professional acumen and commitment to making a difference makes her an invaluable asset to the HELP team.

Asia, Singapore

Colin Wee
Regional Director, Asia

Mr Colin Wee is an economist with a Master's in Applied Economics (Public Policy) from the University of Adelaide. With a deep commitment to the humanitarian sector since 2012, he has actively contributed to academic research, emergency relief operations, supply chain optimisation consulting projects, and NGO capacity strengthening.

Before joining HELP Logistics as a Regional Director, Mr Wee held the position of head of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at a global sports media property. In this role, he drove regional strategy and played a crucial role in revenue generation and client management.

Throughout his career, Mr Wee has collaborated with prestigious organisations such as the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), International Organization for Migration (IOM), World Vision International, Save the Children International, Plan International, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, and various National Disaster Management agencies in Asia.

As the Regional Director for Asia at HELP Logistics, Mr Wee leverages his extensive experience to drive regional strategies and foster impactful collaborations.

Yih Huat Lim
Supply Chain Consultant, Network Design & Optimisation

Mr Yih Huat Lim, a talented Supply Chain Consultant, earned his Master's in Business from the Quantic School of Business and Technology. He also holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a double major in Finance and Operations Management from Singapore Management University.

Before his role at HELP Logistics, Mr Lim cultivated his skills in the private sector. His experience spans project management for supply chain cost-saving initiatives in the medical device industry, leveraging Six Sigma and Lean principles and procuring logistics services for the fast-moving consumer goods industry in the Asia Pacific.

Passionate about leveraging his logistics expertise to improve supply chains and impact lives positively, Mr Lim continues to design and optimise networks, bringing considerable value to his role at HELP Logistics.

Timna Eckschmidt
Supply Chain Consultant, Food Systems & Sustainability

Timna Eckschmidt’s passion and profound interest in food systems and sustainability is evident through her academic journey comprising a BSc in Sustainable Food Management and an MSc in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the Kühne Logistics University.
Her professional journey started in food processing and trading organisations, laying a solid foundation for her expertise. Before joining HELP Logistics, she was part of the Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD), where she adeptly spearheaded projects centered around enhancing the sustainability and preparedness of humanitarian supply chains. Notable achievements include the development of a tool aimed at bolstering the resilience of public health supply chains and the execution of impactful analyses to mitigate post-harvest losses within food supply chains. Her approach encompassed extensive utilization of analytical modeling and simulation techniques, prominently featuring System Dynamics.
With an intricate grasp of supply chain dynamics and an unwavering commitment to transform food systems, Ms. Eckschmidt is well-equipped to provide transformative solutions and support HELP Logistics’ clients in achieving their goals.


Yogesh Jadhav
Supply Chain Consultant, Strategic Sourcing

Mr Yogesh Jadhav, a holder of an MSc in Supply Chain Management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Program in Malaysia and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the College of Engineering Pune, specialises in strategic sourcing within humanitarian settings. His career, spanning over eight years, has been dominated by his consulting roles, where he has expertly managed and implemented procurement optimisation projects. His skills primarily focus on spending analysis, category strategies, strategic partnerships, and managing supplier relationships.

Before joining HELP Logistics, Mr Jadhav worked in a consulting role, overseeing the implementation of the Procurement to Pay process (P2P), conducting negotiations, and managing procurement operations. He also held a crucial position as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), supervising direct procurement with a keen focus on category management, supplier relationship management, and vendor development.

Possessing hands-on experience in supply chain analytics, Mr Jadhav skilfully utilises tools like Tableau, SQLite, R programming, and advanced Excel applications, making significant contributions to the strategic sourcing operations in his current role.

Yasmeen Abd Hameed
Administration & Finance Officer

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resources from University College Dublin, Mrs Yasmeen Abd Hameed embarked on a career to gain over 20 years of valuable experience in Finance, Office Administration, and HR.

She built her expertise in various areas, including Recruitment, Employee Benefits and Compensation, Event Planning, and Employee Wellness. An enriching period of her journey involved her residence in China for several years alongside her family. During this time, she significantly contributed to the ex-pat community in Hangzhou by organising events and offering essential support to families navigating relocation challenges.

Mrs Abd Hameed adeptly juggles multiple responsibilities in her current role, consistently demonstrating her exceptional multitasking abilities and remarkable interpersonal skills.

Middle East, Jordan

Alia Gharaibeh
Regional Director, Middle East

Ms Alia Gharaibeh is a seasoned professional with a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering and over 15 years of managerial experience in leading regional and international organisations in the Middle East. She is the first SCM ITC-certified Supply Chain Manager in Jordan, a prestigious certification granted by the International Trade Center and the United Nations.

With her extensive background in shipping and retail, Ms Gharaibeh founded her own business consultancy company, providing valuable advice and training to Jordanian SMEs. She has also played a pivotal role in implementing national capacity-building projects for USAID. As a lecturer at the German Jordanian University (GJU), she mentored aspiring logistics professionals and imparted knowledge on supply chain, logistics, and operations management.

Ms Gharaibeh's exemplary leadership skills have been recognised through invitations to prestigious fellowships, including the Arab American Business, John Smith Rule of Law (UK), Common Purpose (UK), and Vital Voices (US). Over the past five years, she has actively contributed to the humanitarian sector through consultancy and training initiatives. As the Middle East Regional Director of HELP Logistics, she continues to advance supply chain management in the region significantly.

Nourelhuda Alaqqad
Supply Chain Consultant, Learning Program Leader

Ms Nourelhuda Alaqqad has been a dedicated Supply Chain Consultant with HELP Logistics in the Middle East since October 2016. Her passion for the humanitarian sector was ignited during her involvement in institutional development projects as a student at the Kuehne Foundation in 2015.

With hands-on experience from internships at leading organisations like SMS Meer in Germany and Peter Wittwer Global Logistics, Ms Alaqqad brings valuable practical insights to her role. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Logistics Sciences from the German Jordanian University (GJU) and has expanded her expertise through an exchange year at Aschaffenburg Applied University in Germany.

Recently, Ms Alaqqad earned the Certified Supply Chain Analyst credential from the International Supply Chain Education Alliance in the USA. As a Supply Chain Consultant focusing on Learning Program Management, she leverages her education, broad experience, and dedication to contribute to developing and implementing impactful learning initiatives at HELP Logistics.

Dina Bokai
Media and Communication Designer

Ms Dina Bokai holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in International Development from the London School of Economics and Political Science. During her studies, she collaborated with BBC Media Action on a capstone project, assessing the impact of social media on governance programming in Palestine and Bangladesh. Additionally, she earned a BSc. (Hons) in Economics from the University of Birmingham, UK, focusing her dissertation on NGO competition in the aid and humanitarian emergencies sector.

Having been part of the founding team at Edraak, the pioneering not-for-profit massive open online course platform for the Arab World, Ms Bokai played a pivotal role in launching online courses that attracted thousands of learners from the MENA region, including Syrian refugee camps. Before joining HELP Logistics, she gained experience in advertising, working with diverse clients across various industries.

In her current role, Ms Bokai leverages her expertise to design learning and media content for training and outreach purposes, contributing to the organisation’s commitment to sustainable business management.

Rula Arafat
Administration & Finance Officer

Holding a Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from The University of Jordan and a Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP) from Talal Abu-Ghazaleh University College of Business, Ms Rula Arafat is a seasoned professional with over 13 years of hands-on experience.

Throughout her career, she has worked with tech startups, business firms, SMEs & NGOs across the Middle East and North Africa, specialising in HR strategies, talent acquisition, and managing employees' development. Known for her ability to build an organisation's human resources and administration departments from the ground up, Ms Arafat shapes the organisation's culture and employee experience, leaving a lasting impact wherever she goes.

Ahmad Habash
Supply Chain Consultant, Sustainable Business Management

Mr Ahmad Habash is a highly experienced Supply Chain Consultant with a solid commitment to the humanitarian sector. His engagement in the field began with esteemed organisations like World Vision International and the International Rescue Committee. Before his work in the humanitarian sector, Ahmad gained valuable experience in supply chain management positions within the private sector, specifically in manufacturing and logistics firms.

With a bachelor's degree in Logistic Science from the German Jordanian University and a Master's degree in Public Management and Good Governance from the University of Potsdam in Germany, Ahmad possesses a solid educational foundation. His master's degree focused on refugee response, highlighting his dedication to addressing displaced populations’ unique challenges.

With his international experience and deep understanding of supply chain management, Ahmad is well-equipped to contribute to sustainable business management within the humanitarian sector as a valued Supply Chain Consultant at HELP Logistics.

Farah Moghrabi
Supply Chain Consultant, Sustainable Business Management

With nine years of diversified international experience in multinational corporations, local start-ups, and non-profit organisations, Ms Farah Moghrabi brings a wealth of expertise to her role as a Supply Chain Consultant. Her professional journey encompasses various areas, including operations, business development, supply chain, and solar energy.

Ms Moghrabi holds a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the German Jordanian University and an MBA focusing on Green Energy and sustainable businesses from Bologna Business School. She is a Certified Supply Chain Professional from APICS. She strongly believes in the importance of sustainable development. She is eager to make a tangible and sustainable impact in the region’s humanitarian aid field as a valued member of the HELP Logistics team.

Farah Hussein
Learning Support Administrator

Ms Farah Hussein is an education specialist focusing on technology and society. She obtained her master's degree from the University of Bristol in the UK, and her dissertation, titled 'Cognitive Neuroscience Theories and Its Relation to Blended Learning', explored the application of these theories to refugees studying in Jordan.

Before joining HELP Logistics, Farah gained valuable experience developing learning plans for learners and teachers. Her work has spanned digital pedagogy, e-learning, educational content design, training, and assessment development. She has also served as an English instructor for refugees in Jordan as part of a vocational training and labour market integration programme.

Recognising the lack of access to learning due to digital inequality, Farah has dedicated her career to closing this gap. She holds a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA) from Cambridge Assessment English, concentrating on creating successful learning processes.

As Learning Support Administrator at HELP Logistics, Farah contributes to the organisation's efforts in courseware development, training delivery, and online learning platform management.

West Africa, Senegal

Bruno Vandemeulebroecke
Regional Director, West Africa

Graduating with honours as a Political Scientist from KU Leuven in Belgium, Mr Bruno Vandemeulebroecke brings a wealth of experience from both the humanitarian and private sectors to his role as Regional Director for West Africa at HELP Logistics.

Before joining HELP Logistics in 2021, Mr Vandemeulebroecke spent a decade working in the humanitarian sector. He held roles such as Deputy Global Coordinator for the Logistics Cluster, Emergency Coordinator, and Logistics Coordinator with various NGOs, contributing to emergency responses in regions including Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Nepal.

In addition to his humanitarian experience, he also spent seven years in the private sector, honing his general management, project management, and supply chain management skills. He has successfully led several companies' supply chain operations and organisational development projects.

In his current role, Mr Vandemeulebroecke initiates and strengthens strategic partnerships with humanitarian and government actors by conceptualising sustainable projects that make a meaningful impact. He oversees West Africa operations, focusing on global and regional developments influencing the humanitarian sector.

Arame Diagne
Administration & Finance Officer

Mrs Arame Diagne, a skilled educator and administrative professional, joined HELP Logistics in August 2022. She honed her expertise through infographics and multimedia training, broadening her skill set.

With an extensive professional background, Mrs Diagne has worked in various roles, including a school teacher, telemarketer, and customer service officer. Before joining HELP Logistics, she was an educator in Dakar, demonstrating her proficiency in handling administrative tasks and providing essential support.

At HELP Logistics, Mrs Diagne's organisational capabilities and diverse experience continue to add significant value to the team.

Seynabou Diakhoumpa
Supply Chain Consultant

Armed with a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Toulouse Institute of Technology in France and advanced studies in Supply Chain and Operations from Linköping University in Sweden, Ms Seynabou Diakhoumpa brings over a decade of diverse supply chain management experience to HELP Logistics.

Her professional journey spans roles at leading industrial groups like Airbus and Pirelli, encompassing supply planning, warehousing, fulfilment, transport, and last-mile operations. Most recently, she served as the Director of Logistics and Fulfillment at Jumia Senegal.

Ms Diakhoumpa's deep understanding of supply chain dynamics and operational expertise, together with her commitment to impact, position her perfectly to bring transformative solutions to humanitarian supply chains with HELP Logistics.

Aiché Dadoye Ba
Junior Supply Chain Consultant

Holding a Bachelor's degree in International Management from Sup Management in Nouakchott, Mauritania, Ms Aiché Dadoye Ba is further strengthening her academic credentials with a Master's in Supply Chain Management at the Institut Superieur de Management (ISM) in Dakar, Senegal. This extensive academic foundation gives her a firm grounding in the industry's business and logistics aspects.

Ms Ba joined HELP Logistics in 2023 as a Junior Supply Chain Consultant. A driven and focused professional, she is keen on forging partnerships, sharing knowledge, advocating for best practices, and contributing to creating a more resilient and responsive humanitarian supply chain ecosystem.

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