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Building Regional Supply Chain Champions, One Move at a Time

Scaling-up regional Business on the Move Champions via a Train-the-Trainer Workshop in Thailand.

We recently concluded a successful Train the Trainer workshop for our Business-on-the-Move: The Humanitarian Edition board game. It was a productive day focused on learning, collaboration, and enjoyment.

The workshop aimed to equip our partners' supply chain leaders with the necessary knowledge and skills to facilitate engaging sessions for practitioners at all levels. Our expert facilitators guided participants through various aspects of supply chain management, covering essential concepts, strategies, and decision-making processes.

We explored every facet of the supply chain, from procurement to distribution and logistics, including beneficiary deliveries. This comprehensive understanding ensures our trainers are well-prepared to guide players on an exciting journey to master the intricacies of supply chain management.

Throughout the workshop, our trainers displayed enthusiasm, actively participating in discussions, sharing experiences, and exchanging valuable insights. The collaborative atmosphere fostered a rich learning experience, benefiting from everyone's unique perspectives.

Effective communication and teamwork were emphasized within the game, reflecting real-world challenges faced during humanitarian disasters. Our trainers are now equipped to create a positive and collaborative environment, encouraging players to strategize together and tackle complex supply chain problems.

By making learning enjoyable and interactive, we aim to inspire the next generation of supply chain professionals and elevate the industry as a whole. Together, we are building a stronger, more efficient global supply chain community.

We congratulate all the trainers who completed the workshop and extend our gratitude to World Vision International, Save The Children, ECHO, SUSS, WFP Bangkok, PLAN International, and CARE for their continued support in carrying the Humanitarian Supply Chain flag forward and training future practitioners.

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