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Collaborating to Transform Health Supply Chains in Nigeria

HELP Logistics and the Africa Resource Center launch the Supply Chain Workforce Development for Health Systems Program in Nigeria.

The increased strain on health supply chains pre- and post-pandemic globally has highlighted the need for skilled manpower that can manage health supply chains effectively and respond to disruptions in health systems. As such, organisations that want to enhance their service delivery beyond complying with good practices to foster a culture of innovation need to prioritise investing in their workforce development.

HELP Logistics and The Africa Resource Center (ARC) have been collaborating to strengthen health system capacities in Nigeria through the Pharma and Health Supply Management (PSM) training programme. Through this partnership, which commenced in 2018, we provided more than 280 public health practitioners with essential pharma and health supply chain management skills.  

Today, the training has evolved to become a holistic programme that not only provides participants with essential problem-solving skills for overcoming their day-to-day challenges, but is also a platform for mentoring health practitioners. The “Supply Chain Workforce Development for Health Systems Programme” in Nigeria is a dual-phase programme that combines the renowned PSM training with a 10-week mentorship phase. The programme aims to support participants to build their confidence and develop a resilience mindset that will enable them to excel in both their personal and professional lives.

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