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Creating a Brighter Future for Bhutan’s Children, One School Meal at a Time

HELP Logistics collaborates with the Singapore University of Social Sciences and the World Food Programme to enhance the national School Feeding Programme supply chain in Bhutan.

When it comes to addressing the problems of hunger, health, education and poverty in Bhutan, the National School Feeding Programme (SFP) is a key component of the government of Bhutan’s response strategy.

Creating an enhanced and sustainable SFP is essential to enabling them to achieve several sustainable development goals, such as ending #poverty and #hunger, ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being, and ensuring inclusive and equitable quality #education for all.

To support this effort, HELP Logistics is collaborating with Huay Ling Tay from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS), Temmy Tanubrata and Namgay Tenzin from the World Food Programme (WFP) Bhutan, and members of the Ministry of Education Bhutan on a HELP project to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the SFP supply chain in Bhutan, through developing a supply chain performance measurement system.

As part of this project, a supply chain workshop was recently held in Bhutan where we presented and shared the purposes and key concepts of SFP performance measurement with a wide selection of participants, including personnel from the Ministry of Education, District Administration, state-owned enterprises, and school representatives.

This project aims to help all stakeholders involved in the SFP to develop clearer views and a better understanding of the current performance of the SFP supply chain. Ultimately, this will lead to more precise action plans and better budget allocations to improve and optimise the SFP in the long run.

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