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Designing an Educational Board Game for Humanitarian Logistics Management

HELP Logistics collaborates with Business on the Move to create a logistics board game for the humanitarian sector.

How might we design an educational board game that captures the interconnectedness and complexity of humanitarian logistics systems?

To explore this challenge, we embarked on a fascinating development journey with Business on the Move, to create a customized version of the commercial logistics board game for the humanitarian logistics sector.

Our journey commenced in November 2019 with Business on the Move to help them adapt the game to the humanitarian sector and deliver a realistic board game, that would resonate with industry professionals, practitioners, field staff in non-logistics functions, such as HR and Finance, and potential new recruits into the sector.

Today, we’re excited to reach the last-mile of our journey with testing due to be completed by October and game finalisation to follow soon after.

The Humanitarian Edition will be arriving this autumn.

Stay tuned!

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