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Developing Supply Chain Leadership Knowledge in Kenya

HELP Logistics partners with Strathmore Business School and Africa Resource Centre (ARC) to provide a supply chain leadership programme to mid-level managers at the Kenyan Ministry of Health.

Strong leadership is key to resolving many of the challenges and problems facing health care systems globally. The case is no different in the Kenyan context.

Recognizing this opportunity to create impact, HELP Logistics collaborated with the Strathmore Business School (SBS) and the African Resource Centre (ARC) to provide mid-level managers at the Kenyan Ministry of Health with a locally contextualized leadership, management and governance training programme that aims to develop their leadership knowledge in the context of health and medical supply chains.

The six-week training and mentorship programme, which is supported by the Department of Health Products and Technologies (HPT) at the Kenyan Ministry of Health, leverages leadership and management training courses developed by local universities. Ultimately, the programme aims to empower participants to transform health supply chains into innovative, people and context centric systems. The programme also enables participants to recognize optimization opportunities for enhancing the success of their own supply chain interventions.

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