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Driving Logistics Preparedness at the Humanitarian Forum and Fair 2023

Reflections from HELP Logistics Participation at the Humanitarian Forum and Fair 2023 held in Singapore.

HELP Logistics was recently represented by Colin Wee, Asia Regional Director, on a panel at the Humanitarian Forum and Fair 2023 hosted by Caritas Humanitarian Aid & Relief Initiatives (CHARIS) in Singapore.

During the event, we had the privilege of addressing the challenges faced by volunteers and smaller NGOs when responding to natural disasters and importing relief items into affected regions. Our panel emphasized the crucial role of logistics "in the moment of crisis."

One key point we highlighted was the significance of building strong relationships with suppliers and customs agents, particularly during times of crisis. These relationships enable humanitarian organisations to prioritize and expedite the delivery of relief items, ensuring timely assistance to those in need.

Furthermore, we emphasized the importance of continuous knowledge updates, such as understanding logistics processes like INCOTERMS, to streamline the movement of relief items and reduce lead time.

Engaging with the attendees was truly inspiring. Many shared their own logistics challenges, with cost being a significant bottleneck. We were thrilled to enlighten attendees about the work HELP Logistics is undertaking to empower partners in the region. Witnessing their excitement and eagerness to learn "how to do more with less" in humanitarian logistics reaffirmed our commitment to making a difference.

Moving forward, we are enthusiastic about forging closer collaborations with our esteemed partners at CHARIS. Together, we aim to strengthen the supply chain and logistics capacity in the region over the coming years. This effort is of utmost importance as natural disasters continue to escalate in severity and frequency, not only in Asia but across the globe.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the organisers of the Humanitarian Forum and Fair 2023 for providing us with this platform. Let us join hands to drive positive change and build resilient logistics systems for a more effective humanitarian response.

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