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Enhancing Access to Health Products and Technologies in Samburu County

HELP Logistics collaborates with Afya Ugavi to conduct a Medical Supply Chain Assessment in Samburu County

We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Afya Ugavi, a USAID initiative, to strengthen Health Products and Technologies Units (HPTUs) in Samburu County. Our mission? Enhancing human resource management and development in the HPT supply chain.

During our expedition to the arid landscapes of Samburu County, we discovered that essential medicines were only 46% available, posing challenges for the nomadic communities reliant on public health facilities – at times, their sole lifeline to crucial Health Products and Technologies (HPTs). Through insightful interviews and extensive research, we gained valuable knowledge about the county's health system.

Navigating through a trove of MoH guidelines and policies, along with enlightening key informant interviews, we gleaned invaluable insights into the health system's status. Through participating in the county commodity security technical working group (CSTWG) meeting, we saw how HPTUs are keen to support and enhance date gathering using available tools for healthcare products, a significant step forward.

This immersive experience empowered us to meticulously chronicle the intricacies of last-mile healthcare delivery, deciphering the profound impact of stakeholder decisions at each node of the chain. We’re working with the Samburu County Government to increase essential HPT availability, targeting a 50% improvement.

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