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Essential pandemic logistics online course now available in Spanish!

HELP Logistics launches its Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP) training in Spanish for the first cohort of 350 participants in Latin America.

With passionate support from Maite Gay Palacios and a team of technical experts from the Logistics Emergency Response Unit (ERU) at the Spanish Red Cross, HELP Logistics launches its Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP) blended learning programme in Spanish.

The first cohort of 350 participants, including humanitarian and government organisations in Columbia, Honduras and Panama, start their learning journey on the 10th of December.

Climate change, extreme weather conditions, and the COVID-19 pandemic threaten human health and safety, food, water and energy security, and the environment in Latin America and the Caribbean. Whilst logistics and supply chain management are the backbone of any disaster response, there is surprisingly little Spanish training content available on the topic in the humanitarian sector.

The number of enrolled participants demonstrates there is tremendous need and demand for logistics training content in Spanish. HELP is thrilled to meet this demand and extend our training programmes to our Spanish speaking community in Latin America and other parts of the world as we continue to fight this pandemic.

The programme is also available in three other languages: English, French and Arabic, and has reached more than 4,000 participants in over 100 countries in 2021 alone, including health professionals and logisticians in the humanitarian sector.

As for 2022, new exciting content is already in the making – stay tuned.

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