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Exploring Ethics in Humanitarian Logistics: Research Highlights

New Research Sheds Light on Ethical Humanitarian Logistics: Collaboration Between HELP Logistics and German Jordanian University

How can humanitarian logistics operations uphold ethical standards?

This burning question lies at the heart of the research venture supported by HELP Logistics and conducted by the German Jordanian University. The fruits of this partnership resulted in the publication of the research paper 'Toward More Ethically Oriented Humanitarian Logistics Operations: An Exploratory Research.'

Led by researchers Dr. Abdelrahim Alsoussi, Dr. Nizar Shbikat, Dr. Sahar Almakhamreh, and Bara Allan, this study delves deep into the intricate landscape of ethical decision-making in humanitarian logistics.

Our expertise in framing the problem statement, coupled with real-world insights from humanitarian actors, laid a solid foundation for exploration. By engaging focus groups of contributors from humanitarian organisations, the researchers gathered diverse perspectives and regional insights, particularly from Jordan and the Middle East.

Using a data triangulation approach, the research combines literature reviews, focus groups, and interviews to uncover the relationship between logistics decisions and ethical standards implementation. Notably, the study revealed that logistics decisions spanning physical distribution, facility location, procurement, and more, significantly influence the implementation of ethical standards within relief operations.

This research not only provides practitioners with invaluable insights into a comprehensive set of ethical standards but also underscores the pivotal role of logistics decisions in upholding ethical practices. By bridging two disciplines, humanitarian logistics, and social work, this study marks a significant stride toward fostering ethically oriented humanitarian logistics operations.

For a deeper dive into the research findings and access to the full paper, click here: https://authors.elsevier.com/c/1iw0~7t2zZHCuG

(Note: Link valid until 1st June 2024)

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