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Fostering Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics: HELP Logistics' Contribution to ASEAN's ASCEND Competency Standards

Exploring the Enhanced ASEAN ASCEND Competency Standards, Pioneering Skills for Tomorrow's Challenges and Opportunities

Earlier this year, HELP Logistics achieved a significant milestone by finalising the development of the ASEAN Humanitarian Logistics Officer Level training. This initiative was carried out in collaboration with the AHA Centre, forming an integral part of the ASCEND Competency Standards. The primary goal of these standards is to establish a shared skill set among Humanitarian Logistics practitioners within ASEAN member states, encompassing various thematic domains.

In August, HELP Logistics was invited to present the finalised curriculum and share its experience in developing the content with the AHA centre. This exchange took place during a workshop held in Cebu, Philippines, where member states had the opportunity to consider adopting the expertise that HELP Logistics had contributed. It was also an opportunity for HELP Logistics to contribute to shaping higher levels of Humanitarian Logistics competencies at the coordinator and manager levels.

The workshop drew together an assembly of experts, practitioners, and stakeholders from across ASEAN and beyond. This collective gathering provided a vibrant platform for exchanging insights, discussing challenges, and exploring innovative approaches. The focal point of these deliberations was the refinement of the ASCEND Competency Standards to reflect the evolving landscape of disaster management, incorporating lessons learnt from recent disaster response endeavours, and harnessing the collective wisdom of the participating organisations.

We are delighted that we had the opportunity to present our curriculum and contribute to the progression of Humanitarian Logistics competencies at multiple levels. With this accomplishment, we are confident that practitioners will have a strong foundation to respond to disasters more effectively and save lives.

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