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German-Kenyan Intercultural Music Exchange

Three years ago the idea of an intercultural exchange through giving concerts and masterclasses in Nairobi, Kenya was just a dream. Now it’s a reality!

Accommodated and supported by the German school, and working together with young musicians from Ghetto Classics in the slums of Mukuru and Korogocho, this project was developed and even enlarged throughout the pandemic. It was cultivated into an amazing experience of humanity, musical passion and the deep potential of music to inspire personal growth and a better life for everyone.

Looking back, the story gathered momentum in Hamburg, when Mr. Karl Gernandt of the Kühne Foundation, heard one of Heike-Angela Moser’s final presentations of her research, which was conducted through a scholarship provided by the Heine/Mendelssohn Associations of Hamburg. Heike-Angela Moser is a concert pianist, teacher, artistic director, and manager of this intercultural music exchange project.

Thanks to Mr. Gernandt, the connection to the office of HELP Logistics was established. HELP Logistics is a non-profit organisation of the Kühne Foundation, and supports humanitarian organisations globally including in East & Southern Africa region. Mr Sean Rafter, offered to support the musical exchange between Heike’s team and young Kenyan musicians from Ghetto Classics in Nairobi, Kenya. Three young German pianists make up Heike’s team: they are her pupils in Germany. In addition, Heike-Angela, together with the violinist and teacher Angelica Faccani, are members of the “Duo Khimaira” (formerly “Duo Le Cygne”).

HELP Logistics made it possible for these musicians to work together in the slums over several weeks. The musicians  held masterclasses and performed with the talented young violinist Lameck Ochieng in different concerts, such as in Muthaiga Country Club and at Peter Peterson’s in Karen (both organised by Edita Kamm), and in the German school of Nairobi. They also performed together in a concert in Mukuru, where a huge orchestra of Ghetto Classics and the Italian-German musicians shared both classical and Kenyan music with a unique blend of artistic fire and passion.

The intense experiences of the duo of Heike-Angela Moser (piano) and Angelica Faccani (violin) on their first amazing African musical project caused them to change their previous name “Duo Le Cygne" to “Duo Khimaira”. The African spirit inspired the duo to use a symbolic animal from Greek mythology that has several heads but only one body — which signifies bringing together two musical individuals and cultures into one spiritual unity.

The intention is to expand this project even further by securing an invitation for at least three of the most talented pupils of Ghetto Classics to play in Europe, especially in Germany and Italy. The ultimate aspiration is to provide a continuous musical exchange: giving individual lessons to the pupils of Ghetto Classics who are mainly playing in groups together but who need additional support to elevate their mastery of their instruments in order to fully express their extraordinary talents.

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