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Hands-On Workshop Equips Humanitarian Workers to Navigate Logistic Challenges

Temasek Polytechnic Students and Faculty Experience Interactive Training at Its Finest!

HELP Logistics delivers an immersive humanitarian logistics workshop to Temasek Polytechnic students and faculty, showcasing the power of innovative educational experiences. The one-day workshop gave participants the unique opportunity to test their skills using the "Business on the Move: Humanitarian Edition" game, a simulated humanitarian crisis scenario that challenges logistics strategies in real time.

The workshop allowed participants to learn valuable lessons about the challenges of managing supply chain and logistics operations in a humanitarian context. With hands-on experience, participants learned about the complexities of managing virtual aid organisations, making difficult decisions about resource allocation, logistics planning, and distribution of aid to those in need.

One of the most critical takeaways from the workshop was the importance of end-to-end supply chain management, from procurement to distribution. Teams had to balance the need for quick delivery of aid with maintaining a cost-effective and efficient supply chain. This highlights the importance of effective planning and coordination in humanitarian logistics operations.

The "Business on the Move: Humanitarian Edition" game emphasised the significance of collaboration and communication between organisations. Teams had to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals, highlighting the importance of effective communication and coordination among all actors involved in humanitarian logistics operations.

Through this unique learning experience, the workshop empowered participants with valuable skills in contingency planning, flexibility, and effective collaboration, providing them with the tools needed to succeed in humanitarian logistics. The one-day workshop on humanitarian logistics at Temasek Polytechnic was a resounding success, enabling faculty and students to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities of managing logistics operations in a humanitarian context.

With innovative and engaging training experiences like these, HELP Logistics is revolutionising how logistics training is delivered and equipping a new generation of logistics professionals with the skills needed to tackle the most significant humanitarian challenges of our time.

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