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HELP Logistics Partners with HTU to Produce Humanitarian Logistics Management Online Course

HELP Logistics signs service agreement with Al Hussein Technical University to Produce Humanitarian Logistics Management Online Course

HELP Logistics is proud to announce signing a service agreement with Al Hussein Technical University (HTU) to produce a world-class online course on Humanitarian Logistics Management.

The collaboration between HELP Logistics and HTU aims to utilize the capacity and capabilities of the Online Learning Center at HTU to offer specialized educational technology (edtech) services in instructional design, media production for educational purposes, and content digitization, specifically tailored to produce an online course in Humanitarian Logistics Management.

The purpose of this project is to cater to the growing demand for specialized knowledge and skills in the humanitarian sector. Designed, created, and developed in collaboration with the HUMLOG Institute at Hanken School of Economics, Finland, the leading humanitarian logistics research institute worldwide. The online course will provide an opportunity for logistic practitioners to enhance their skills and contribute to humanitarian efforts.

HELP Logistics and HTU are thrilled about this joint endeavor, which promises to design and create high-quality online content that bridge the knowledge gap in the field of humanitarian logistics and contribute significantly to improving disaster response and relief efforts worldwide.

“We are excited to collaborate with HELP Logistics to design and produce this innovative Humanitarian Logistics Management programme,” said Ismael Al Hinti, President of HTU. “By harnessing the power of technology and education, we are confident that this online programme will make a positive impact on humanitarian operations, empowering professionals with the skills and expertise needed to address complex challenges effectively.”

“We are honored to collaborate with Al Hussein Technical University joining this Humanitarian Logistics Management online programme, which we hope will be the gold standard for humanitarian logistics education in the field,” said Alia Gharaibeh, HELP Logistics Regional Director, Middle East. “By combining our expertise in the humanitarian sector with HTU's technological capabilities and Hanken's HUMLOG Institute’s extensive experience in humanitarian logistics education and training, we aim to equip humanitarian professionals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate the complexities of humanitarian operations effectively.”

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