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How can improved warehouse inventory management save lives?

HELP Logistics and ITL are working with one of the largest non-profits in Indonesia to improve their warehouse process to reduce critical lead time for humanitarian disaster response operations.

In its unwavering commitment to humanitarian endeavors, HELP Logistics partnered with ITL Triskati to conduct a comprehensive warehouse assessment for Muhammadiyah Disaster Management Center (MDMC), one of the largest non-profit organisations in Indonesia.

As part of this joint supply chain analytics project, an expert team from HELP and ITL had the privilege of visiting the MDMC warehouse in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, to initiate the comprehensive assessment. During the visit, the team had a first-hand experience of the warehouse operations, witnessing the meticulous processes, the dedication of the MDMC team, and the bustling environment that keeps everything running seamlessly.

The primary aim of this assessment was to identify areas for improvement and scale up best practices to optimise the overall efficiency of the warehouse, which plays a critical role in supporting MDMC's humanitarian operations. Implementing systematic process mapping, the team assessed the accuracy and lead time for various processes within the warehouse.

Through this collaborative effort, HELP Logistics, together with MDMC and ITL Trisakti aims to bolster warehouse accuracy, allowing for faster disaster response and ultimately saving lives. Through this assessment, the MDMC team is eagerly looking forward to continuously enhancing their processes, adapting to evolving demands, and striving for excellence.

Special thanks to the MDMC management and warehouse team and team for their warm hospitality and willingness to share their expertise. It is through such collaborative efforts that humanitarian organisations can create a more significant impact and better serve the communities in need.

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