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Humanitarian Innovation and Collaboration in Asia Pacific

Various agencies and institutions including HELP Logistics collaborate to share knowledge and innovation in HELIX 2021

The Humanitarian and Emergency Logistics Innovation Virtual Expo (HELIX) by AHA is a collaborative platform to capture the latest innovations and the best practices in humanitarian logistics. During the humanitarian week of 24th May 2021, various agencies and institutions including HELP Logistics collaborated and shared their innovative ideas and solutions to address humanitarian logistics gaps in the region. In this context, supply chain management is increasingly recognised as a critical success factor for short term aid deliveries as well as long term development programs.

Through focus group sessions on Capacity Building, HELP Logistics brought experts with commercial, humanitarian and academic experience together to discuss the importance of capacity building and highlight areas of potential collaboration. HELP's preparedness and capacity building programs aim to build organisations’ competency and knowledge to tap into the enormous potential to ultimately do more with less.

HELP Logistics also provided a focus session jointly hosted with IFRC, the Philippine Red Cross, WFP & Logistics Cluster, and the UK Government’s Humanitarian & Stabilisation Operations Team (HSOT) operated by Palladium. The focus session aimed to raise awareness of the importance of supply chain preparedness investment with a particular focus on multi-sector engagement and collaboration. Such investment requires high levels of effort, human resources, funds, and long-term commitment between those involved. Once successfully implemented however, the opportunity cost of investment can far outweigh the operational expenditure and bring better supply chain performances overall. 

HELP Logistics is proud to support agencies in building humanitarian capacity. For more about what we can offer please click here.

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