Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Humanitarian Knowledge Transfer from the Field to the Classroom

Global webinar series for young talent in Singapore to raise awareness and insights into humanitarian logistics

Human resources drive humanitarian organisations in the Asia region. Due to the unprecedented changes forced upon business and society because of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a risk of skills shortages in humanitarian activities in the coming months and years.

HELP Logistics accepted an opportunity from the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to facilitate their global webinar series organised by the School of Business & Office of Global Programmes on 26 October 2020.

Dr Narath Bhusiri, HELP Logistics Project Manager, led discussions on humanitarian operations; exploring how humanitarian logistics in a disaster can make a positive difference to the overall response. Furthermore, career paths were explored to provide young people with motivation and opportunities to guide their employment choices after graduating from university.

HELP Logistics would like to thank the School of Business & Office of Global Programmes, SUSS. We also thank Jonathan How at Relief Singapore who co-facilitated the webinar and gave students insights into the operations of Singaporean based relief organisations.

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