Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Humanitarian Warehouses. When bottlenecks are not an option

The refugees in Rohingya need aid on time. Improving warehouse inventory control and increasing efficiencies is not just good practice; it can make or break aid deliveries for those who need it.

HELP Logistics in association with the Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode recently conducted warehouse and inventory assessments for World Vision Bangladesh - Cox's Bazar operations. The task was to understand current practices, determine bottlenecks and provide recommendations for future activities.

The main focus of this assessment was to optimise Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for warehouse management thus improving essential inventory documentation and process flow whilst also helping to reduce risk and increase efficiency now and into 2021.

HELP Logistics built a process map for the Cox's Bazar warehousing process from the point of receiving goods through to dispatch, as well as assessing the storage layout of all five warehouses. The map highlights, among other findings, the time involved in the different processes as well as the allocation of roles and responsibilities. HELP Logistics is also developing an SOP with WVI, which highlights best practices, standardised process flow, and increased efficiency in Cox's Bazar supply chain operations.

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