Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Learning how to prepare, plan, and respond to humanitarian disasters

Delivering an interactive humanitarian supply chain management training to students in Singapore.

HELP Logistics recently delivered an interactive virtual seminar on humanitarian supply chain management to students at The Republic Polytechnic in Singapore

During the session, students had to work in groups on a case study exercise. Each group had to develop an emergency response plan for delivering relief supplies to affected population in the aftermath of an Earthquake in Singapore. The exercise gave students the opportunity to apply prior knowledge they acquired from previous courses in the supply chain management programme.

They also had to apply time management skills to organize information and divide tasks effectively, given the time constraint. Students also learned to make valid assumptions during needs assessment, apply reasonable judgment, and make decisions as a team to deliver their final proposal.

In the words of institute Lecturer Chin Siong Sheng, ‘The HELP session was an eye-opener for students; it allowed them to get a real feel for  dealing with the challenges and disruptions of humanitarian supply chains, in contrast with commercial supply chains. HELP Logistics guest trainers provided many insights to enable the students to appreciate humanitarian logistics more deeply.’

The training was delivered to over 100 participants and is an extension of HELP Logistics’ efforts to enhance humanitarian supply chain knowledge and capacities in Asia through collaborating with local universities and academic institutions.

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