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Making Strides in Carbon Reduction with World Vision Mongolia

HELP Logistics Partners with World Vision Mongolia to Tackle Carbon Emissions in their Supply Chain

In the humanitarian sector, supply chain and logistics activities stand as the primary contributors to carbon emissions. This pressing issue has propelled HELP Logistics into proactive action, actively engaging to empower organisations in measuring and managing their carbon footprint.

One notable partner in this crucial endeavor is World Vision, an organisation committed to reducing its carbon footprint by commencing with a thorough comprehension of its carbon emissions.

As part of the HELP Logistics and Kuehne Logistics University (KLU) joint Humanitarian Logistics Internship Programme, a dedicated KLU student was deployed to World Vision Mongolia for a transformative 3-month internship supported by HELP Logistics.

The goal was to gain insights into World Vision Mongolia's operations and to conduct carbon calculations using the Humanitarian Carbon Calculator (HCC), a co-creation effort by the humanitarian sector. This comprehensive carbon calculator encompasses scope 1 to 3 emissions and serves as a crucial starting point. After all, understanding your carbon emissions is the first step in addressing them, much like navigating a map before starting a journey.

The results were enlightening and underscored the importance of understanding the full scope of an organisation's environmental impact. Notably, more than half of World Vision Mongolia's carbon emissions were linked to the procurement of humanitarian aid products, an aspect previously unexplored.

Building on this newfound knowledge, we organized a final presentation and workshop in August. This collective gathering provided a vibrant platform for exchanging insights, discussing challenges, and exploring innovative approaches. Experts from HELP Logistics and the World Vision Mongolia team came together with a shared objective: to chart a sustainable path forward and brainstorm practical solutions for carbon mitigation.

As World Vision Mongolia embraces the challenge of reducing their carbon footprint, we look forward to keeping you updated on the progress and outcomes of their sustainability journey.

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