Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Onwards and Upwards for Supply Chain Teams in Sri Lanka and Beyond

Building Capacities and Competencies in Supply Chain Field Teams across the Asia Pacific.

HELP Logistics collaborates with World Vision International (Asia Pacific) on enhancing the technical capacities of the supply chain teams at field offices across the region through a series of technical training workshops on Supply and Procurement Management.

Creating an organisational shift is a long-term commitment that requires time and effort. Doing this in the humanitarian sector adds that extra element of complexity. This initiative ultimately aims to create a fundamental shift towards locally led adaptations. Each field office will play a central role in decision making around its planning and implementation.

The training, which was conducted in partnership with the Thammasat Business School and Sumedha Rowel’s team in World Vision International Sri Lanka, was attended by 47 supply chain managers and senior staff from different countries. The training covered the core principles of procurement management and strategic sourcing and practical lessons on negotiation and supplier relationship management.

HELP Logistics looks forward to working with more humanitarian agencies to build supply chain preparedness and resilience, optimise food and medical supply chains, and improve logistics talent across the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

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