Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Prepare and invest before the emergency hits

HELP Logistics presented an initiative on supply chain preparedness to ASEAN Member States to demonstrate a holistic capacity-building investment programme that can deliver better emergency responses.

The ASEAN National Disaster Management Organisations (NDMOs) recently asked HELP Logistics to be a Resource Speaker at the virtual Workshop on Capacity Building in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The workshop's goal was to strengthen and build the capacity of the NDMOs of the ASEAN Member States. The purpose is to increase humanitarian supply chain management's efficiency to deliver assistance to affected populations during emergencies effectively.

HELP Logistics was pleased to present an innovative supply chain preparedness initiative that delivers expenditure savings whilst improving operational performance through holistic and intelligent supply chain investments before disasters. We shared the framework, investment areas and expected results from the supply chain preparedness investment project.

We hope that the findings will trigger ASEAN Member States to emphasise humanitarian emergency supply chain preparedness and recognise the cost and the time savings that can be achieved in emergency responses through interconnected investments in specific components of supply chains.

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