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Revamping Health Products and Technologies (HPT) Distribution one Kenyan County at a time

HELP Logistics and Afya Ugavi Drive Health Supply Chain Improvements Across Samburu and Machakos Counties in Kenya

In 2023, HELP Logistics teamed up with Afya Ugavi, a USAID-supported initiative focused on Health Products and Technologies Units (HPTUs), to dive into the operational aspects of Kenya's healthcare system. Our task was clear: conduct thorough assessments of the medical supply chains in Samburu and Machakos counties.

Samburu County, situated in the arid and semi-arid regions of northern Kenya, faces logistical hurdles due to its expansive terrain. Accessibility to health facilities and essential commodities poses a significant challenge. On the other hand, Machakos County, a vibrant peri-urban centre, deals with the healthcare needs of a young and mobile population, particularly in maternal health.

Although both counties have respectable health infrastructure, our assessments revealed notable gaps in their supply chains. These ranged from shortages in healthcare personnel to inconsistencies in storage practices and the need for better data analysis.

However, challenges also present opportunities. Equipped with the insights from our assessments, we are ready for the next phase. Through close collaboration with HPTUs, key players in supply chain optimisation, we will implement recommended improvements, including warehouse optimisation and streamlining maternal health services. We will also lead tailored projects involving multiple stakeholders. These efforts aim to deliver immediate benefits while laying the groundwork for lasting change and better healthcare outcomes in Samburu and Machakos counties.

As we navigate the complexities of Kenya's public health system, our focus remains on incremental progress. These initiatives aim not only to address quick wins but also to lay the foundation for sustainable change and improved healthcare outcomes in Samburu and Machakos counties.

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