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Simulating critical decision-making at the onset of an emergency response operation

Game-based learning allows participants to experience the tension of planning and executing an effective and efficient humanitarian supply chain.

HELP Logistics collaborated with the School of Business at the Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) to deliver an interactive workshop on humanitarian relief operations. 

During the workshop, twenty participants, including current students, alumni, faculty members, and guests from the Singapore Army, were challenged to deliver humanitarian relief items from overseas to affected sites, as effectively and efficiently as possible, by playing ‘Business on the Move: the Humanitarian Edition.

Through the workshop, participants learned practical lessons on planning and operating a humanitarian supply chain during the first seventy-two hours of emergency response. The ultimate goal of the workshop was to raise awareness of the importance of effective and efficient supply chain operations in the humanitarian context amongst students and young professionals.

Associate Professor Allan Chia, Dean of School of Business, SUSS, emphasised the importance of game-based learning: “The workshop was informative and enlightening. Through this interactive board game, our students and faculty members gained valuable insights about logistic and supply chain management concepts involved in large-scale crisis response operations and emergencies.”

Here’s what a student from SUSS had to say post workshop: “The game gave me an insight into the challenges, disruptions, and external constraints that humanitarian organisations face during relief operations. I learned that, in the humanitarian context, adopting a collaborative approach with other stakeholders pays off better than adopting an individualistic approach.”

For more information about Business on the Move: The Humanitarian Edition, please visit this page and watch this video.

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