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Small Livestock value chains offer the opportunity for increased food security in Jordan

HELP Logistics collaborates with IFAD and the Ministry of Agriculture to map the value chain of local small livestock breeds in Jordan.

HELP Logistics partnered with the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) SIGHT project and the Jordanian Ministry of Agriculture to conduct a study to map small ruminants value chains.

The first of its kind study aims to map the Awassi Sheep and Shami Goat value chains, and focus on smallholding farmers access to profitable markets in the Jordan. The study will recommend supply chain interventions to strengthen small farmers’ position in market transactions and to address the challenges that prevent them from utilizing available services.

Jordan is one of the seven most vulnerable countries at risk of food price increases. Although 25% of Jordan’s poor rely on agriculture, animals and animal products amount to 39% of the total value of imported foods. This value is expected to increase due to several local agriculture challenges and stretching of limited national resources.

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