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Strengthening Health Supply Chains in Malawi

HELP Logistics Collaborates with CHORD, WFP, and the Malawi Ministry of Health to Strengthen Healthcare Supply Chains and Increase their Resilience against Epidemics

The urgency for resilient healthcare systems became evident in the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic. This realisation spurred concrete action in Malawi, with HELP Logistics partnering with the Centre for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD).

This collaboration is part of a broader health system strengthening initiative by Malawi's Ministry of Health and the World Food Programme (WFP), supported by Takeda Pharmaceuticals Company Limited.

Our joint effort with CHORD utilises a novel health supply chain system dynamics model, co-developed with WFP, to provide data-driven recommendations for reinforcing Malawi’s healthcare supply chain against epidemics and supply chain disruptions. 

In its first phase, the project's focus was to map the healthcare supply chain system and, through an emergency response exercise, interviews, and participative workshops, identify trends and challenges experienced by health system actors. The results highlighted challenges such as foreign currency shortages impacting procurement, limited local production, and the need for improved coordination among humanitarian groups.

In the quantitative analysis stage, we will focus on assisting the Malawi Ministry of Health in strategic decision-making to improve the system’s resilience. Key preparedness measures that will be evaluated include expanding local production, adjusting procurement frameworks, enhancing coordination and strengthening the healthcare workforce.

This collaborative effort and commitment from different organisations exemplify the importance of partnerships in transforming healthcare systems, striving to make Malawi's healthcare supply chains a model of resilience and efficiency.

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