Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Strengthening local capacity for the benefit of the broader region

HELP Logistics conducted a Humanitarian Supply Chain Workshop for the Singapore Red Cross as part of a local capacity building roadmap on emergency response preparedness in the region.

HELP Logistics conducted a 2-day workshop entitled an “Introduction to Humanitarian Supply Chains” for Singapore Red Cross staff and their strategic volunteers. HELP believes that supply chain preparedness and resilience are essential for delivering life-saving assistance and reducing the economic setbacks to commerce and communities throughout the Asia Pacific and beyond.

Twenty-five participants from both logistics and non- logistics professions learned the significance of the supply chain as a backbone of humanitarian operations. The participants received knowledge and experience concerning the fundamentals of humanitarian supply chain management. The event highlighted effective design and management of the supply chain and its relief stocks. HELP prepared a case study to facilitate an imagined Earthquake striking Singapore. This practical exercise tested the knowledge learned and the capacity to plan a response and distribute relief items during a sudden onset emergency.  

This workshop is a part of the logistics capacity building roadmap of Singapore Red Cross. The roadmap prepares the local workforce to be effective in emergency relief operations. This learning method is also provided in other countries in the region such as Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.


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