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Strengthening Multinational Disaster Response in Ex COORES 2023

Insights from HELP Logistics Participation in Multinational Disaster Response Drill – Ex COORES 2023

HELP Logistics recently contributed to Exercise Coordinated Response (Ex COORES) 2023, a biennial multinational HADR Table-Top Exercise, co-organised by the Disaster Management Committee of the Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Singapore Armed Forces Changi RHCC, and the US CFE-DM.

Held in Singapore from October 30 to November 2, 2023, at the Changi Command and Control Centre in Singapore, the exercise brought together 180 dedicated personnel from 26 militaries and 25 civilian organisations, aiming to enhance our collective ability to respond effectively to disasters.

What set this exercise apart was its focus on strengthening cooperation for HADR operations, establishing vital civil-military linkages, and improving mutual understanding and interoperability. The scenario, based on a tropical storm, challenged participants to coordinate efforts in a fictitious Affected State, simulating real-world challenges. Throughout the exercise, supply chain and logistics were key discussion points.

HELP Logistics actively participated in the exercise as a civilian entity, providing support in the preparedness and mitigation phases of the disaster management cycle. Emphasizing the importance of robust logistics planning in response, HELP Logistics advocated for effective strategies.

Notably, Enhanced Civil-Military Coordination (CMCoord) functions were introduced, with key contributions from UN agencies like UN OCHA, the Australian Civil-Military Centre, AHA Centre, and the Laos Red Cross Society. Their insights set the benchmark for future HADR exercises, reinforcing the importance of collaboration and preparedness.

Ex COORES 2023 underscored the commitment of nations and organisations to work together when it matters most, reinforcing our shared goal of saving lives and rebuilding communities in times of crisis.

It showcased the dedication to effective disaster response, emphasizing the importance of cooperation and coordination.

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