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Supply Chain Risk and Resilience in Healthcare Course Open for Registration

Registration for the foundational course on supply chain risk and resilience in healthcare is now open on HELP Logistics’ online learning platform.

Following the positive response received from the first cohort of course participants, HELP Logistics and Edukazi are running the Supply Chain Risk and Resilience in Healthcare course for the second time on HELP’s online learning platform.

The course aims to provide aspiring supply chain professionals, medical logisticians, and public health practitioners working in various functions with the foundational knowledge and tools required to understand and navigate the dynamics of supply chain risk and resilience in the healthcare context.

The self-paced course introduces participants to the choices available to manage supply chain risk and enhance the resiliency required for long-term sustainability, considering the increasing trends of global volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and risk.

Course details:

• Start Date: 15.04.2023
• Format: Online
• Estimated effort: 8 hours
• Language: English
• Fees: HELP Logistics and Edukazi offer this training free of charge for the humanitarian sector. Contact us to discuss sponsorship options.

For registration and details, please click: here

Level 1 of this course is offered in partnership with Edukazi and the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium on HELP Logistics online learning platform. Interested participants can complete level 2 and 3 of this course series on the Edukazi platform.

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