Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Supporting CARE International to deliver Supply Chain Management Training in the MENA Region

Bringing the latest research and game-based learning tools to CARE’s Regional Supply Chain Management Training.

HELP Logistics Middle East Office supported CARE International’s Regional Supply Chain Training. The training falls under the umbrella of efforts to lift the function of supply chain management in the organisation and recognise it as a critical pillar of emergency response and programme delivery.

During the training, HELP ME Regional Director shared the findings of a global survey on The State of Logistics and Supply Chain in the Humanitarian Context, conducted by HELP’s joint operational research center with Kühne Logistics University, The Center for Humanitarian Logistics and Regional Development (CHORD).

The interactive presentation was followed by a facilitated discussion where regional managers from nine different CARE country offices reflected on how the different trends, opportunities, and challenges manifested in their organisations.

HELP also invited IFRC’s senior regional investigator Ayoub Yassin to lead a hybrid webinar on anti-fraud and corruption practices, where participants discussed the risks and challenges of transparent humanitarian supply chains. Learnings from the webinar were reinforced by HELP Logistics’ fraud and corruption detection game which helped participants apply in practice policies and procedures for fraud mitigation and prevention.  

Participants were also able to draw on their contextual knowledge in response planning by engaging in a facilitated session utilizing HELP’s latest game-based learning tool, Business-on-The-move: The Humanitarian Edition. The game draws on real-life challenging scenarios for delivering humanitarian aid and setting up emergency responses.

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