Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Supporting the Health Workforce in Nigeria to Improve Accessibility to Essential Health Commodities

HELP Logistics collaborates with the African Resource Center to equip health workers in Nigeria with essential Supply Chain Management skills.

Emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic, many health organisations from Nigeria's public, private and humanitarian sectors are struggling to overcome the systemic challenges that have come to the fore.
Health supply chains in Nigeria are devolved. This means that states are responsible for managing their supply chains end-to-end. Interacting with manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, downstream health facilities, and beneficiaries requires supply chain management skills, which are also a requisite for managing pharma commodities.
Public Health Supply Chains are complex systems. Besides infrastructural constraints, insufficient knowledge on managing the supply chain is considered a significant cause of challenges. To address the knowledge and skills gaps, HELP Logistics collaborated with the Africa Resource Center for Excellence in Supply Chain Management (ARC-ESM). Together a 3-month State Supply Chain Transformation Programme was delivered.
The programme provides health practitioners and logisticians opportunities to develop problem-solving and analytical skills. It also explores decision-making and leadership methods that will enable them to address supply chain challenges as they arise.
The programme aims to provide health care actors with the confidence and ability to develop problem statements and frameworks of improvement or transformation and hence, implement appropriate solutions. The result is more sustainable and equitable access to medicines and healthcare commodities for all citizens.

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