Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Thriving in emergencies and disruptions need the right people in the right place

In cooperation with Action Contre la Faim (ACF) and the Kühne Logistics University (KLU), HELP Logistics has launched a research project on HR planning in the humanitarian sector.

Having the right teams in place at the right time with the right capacities and right skill sets is a critical success factor in any humanitarian operation. This becomes even more relevant in times of growing needs and decreasing global funding when organisations are required to become more efficient and provide more assistance with fewer resources.

However, the highly complex and dynamic humanitarian context makes staff planning and deployment extremely difficult. A lack of standards across the humanitarian sector describing common and essential job profiles adds further challenges. To improve the available guidance to frontline aid agencies operating in the humanitarian space, HELP Logistics, the Kühne Logistics University and Action Contre la Faim France have begun researching this topic. A special focus has been placed on the composition of supply chain and logistics teams with respect to different countries, and the type and size of emergency operational response.

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