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Uniting Forces: HELP Logistics and UNHCR Collaborate to Strengthen Humanitarian Aid Delivery

HELP Logistics and UNHCR Forge a Strategic Partnership at the Nexus of Humanitarian Aid and Supply Chain Management

HELP Logistics is pleased to announce a significant partnership with  UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. This collaboration focuses on combining both organisations’ expertise to improve the delivery of humanitarian aid to forcibly displaced and stateless people.

In an intersection of values and missions, HELP Logistics and UNHCR unite with a shared understanding that a well-functioning, sustainable supply chain is the cornerstone of providing timely and effective assistance to those in need. UNHCR's vision of delivering aid in a simple, swift and sustainable manner finds a natural ally in HELP Logistics' aspiration to leverage the power of supply chains for positive humanitarian impact. Together, HELP Logistics and UNHCR aim to build a robust platform that turns supply chain excellence into a lifeline for the individuals they work for.

Ms. Shoko Shimozawa, Director of the Division of Emergency, Security and Supply at UNHCR, and Mr. Sean Rafter, Managing Director of HELP Logistics, have officially signed this partnership to synergise efforts over the next three years.

Mr. Sean Rafter, expressing his enthusiasm, stated, “Our partnership with UNHCR is a testament to the potential when expertise and passion converge. We are embarking on a journey to optimise supply chains to assist vulnerable populations efficiently, effectively, and sustainably.”
This partnership marks a pivotal step towards translating supply chain efficiency into meaningful support for those who need it the most. By leveraging their strengths and merging their capabilities, HELP Logistics and UNHCR are well-positioned to enhance the landscape of humanitarian aid and create sustainable change that resonates beyond borders.

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