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Unlocking Last Mile Solutions in Liberia's Healthcare Supply Chain

HELP Logistics Teams Up with VillageReach to Enhance Essential Medicine Distribution

In the effort to address the diverse healthcare needs of Liberia's population, the Liberian Ministry of Health faces a significant challenge: ensuring essential medicines reach the last mile. This challenge encompasses a myriad of hurdles, from infrastructure limitations and human resource constraints to accessibility issues, information system gaps, and evolving health policies.

In this complex landscape, the distribution chain can become convoluted, involving various factors. From efficient procurement practices and local manufacturing to shortage management and stock control, numerous activities play a crucial role in maintaining a seamless supply chain.

Pharmacists stand at the forefront of strengthening the healthcare system. They predict demand, utilizing consumption data and epidemiological patterns to ensure the right quantities of health products and technologies are manufactured and delivered. Managing these complexities is pivotal to guarantee accurate and timely consumption reporting, preventing shortages and stockouts.

To support the ministry in addressing these challenges, HELP Logistics collaborated with VillageReach, to provide a comprehensive technical training programme for pharmacists. This training was designed to equip pharmacists from the Central Medical Store and the Liberian Ministry of Health with essential tools and resources to tackle critical last-mile challenges within healthcare supply chains.

By conducting a last mile bottleneck deep dive, the pharmacists are now enthusiastic about availing commodities for the hardest to reach communities by continually understanding, adapting and managing the changing needs and preferences of these communities.

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