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Webinar on Reinforcing Humanitarian Collaboration in Asia Pacific and Beyond

HELP Logistics is pleased to host a webinar on strengthening humanitarian collaboration in the Asia Pacific Region on 8th December 2020

Humanitarian supply chain operations have been severely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Limited non-essential travel, as well as general border closures, directly hinder international staff movements as well as aid deliveries and activities. Many international NGOs and humanitarian agencies have had to reduce their operations, scale back on activities and withdraw or postpone staff deployments. The Asia Pacific region is significantly impacted because of a large number of unique humanitarian needs across a variety of environments and geographies.

Whilst vaccine trails are in advanced stages, the global distribution will take time. Therefore a focus on collaboration is a crucial aspect in moving forward now more than ever. In this special webinar, HELP Logistics is pleased to present the insights and activities of a selection of key of humanitarian, academic, private and public actors who will share how they are building collaboration as well as their visions in collaborating into 2021.

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