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Women Emerging Isolation Initiative

HELP is proud to contribute to the Women Emerging from Isolation initiative run by Common Purpose. We are especially excited that the supply chain and logistics sector will benefit.

HELP has joined an initiative that aims to support female leaders emerge from the COVID lockdown with strength and purpose. Women Emerging from Isolation is a new initiative run by Common Purpose (https://commonpurpose.org/) who have been developing leaders for over thirty years.

The first stage of the initiative is creating a community of extraordinary women from across the world and pairing them to complete an online program together. The community was launched a few weeks ago on LinkedIn, and now common purpose is collecting inputs, video, interviews and various media and disseminating.

The first session with HELP’s global women leaders was a great exploratory call to discuss the importance of women networks, the female leadership voice, and agree and prioritise the topics for deeper discussion. The next call will discuss the 7 Myths of female leadership, a video series by Women Emerging Isolation.

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