Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics

Technical Assistance

We provide professional consultants with cross-sector experience to analyse and optimise supply chain functions, processes and infrastructure to save costs, reduce lead times and increase visibility using academic and commercial tools and approaches. In addition, we have adapted and developed a number of tools and methods to support analysis and decision-making in the humanitarian sector.

Advanced Spend Analysis (ASA)

A data analysis toolkit to capture the organisation expenditure in supply chain and logistics. The findings explain procurement in terms of how much money is being spent, where, when, on what. It enhances procurement efficiency and leads to improved strategic sourcing strategies and category management.   > More information

Food Supply Chain Analysis (FSA)

This analysis tool is comprised of 3 layers. Each layer analyses the overall effectiveness and efficiencies in different segments of a food supply chain to maximize the public benefit of the network in terms of waste, cost, quality and availability.

Medical Supply Chain Assessment (MSA)

A comprehensive data collection tool that allows for the identification of strengths and weaknesses in medical supply chains. For example, it assesses storage practices, warehouse infrastructure, inventory management, demand planning, human capacity, etc.


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