Kühne Foundation - HELP Logistics


We identify gaps in supply chain learning and develop high quality, context-specific, seminars and modular learning programs from directors to practitioners to strengthen resource capacity and organisation performance. We offer both standard and customised trainings based on existing modules or the development of new ones. We deliver learning programmes in classrooms, virtually over teleconference and on our eLearning platform, which can be found here: https://learning.help-logistics.org/ 

Some standard programmes include:

Executive Supply Chain Management in the Humanitarian Context (ESM)

This executive level program delivers over 4 days in collaboration with Kuehne Logistics University (KLU). The course provides Managers and Directors, wishing to capitalise on the opportunities of current supply chain management thinking, to optimise personal and organisation performance.   > English Flyer

Humanitarian Logistics Management (HLM)

This is a modular training program on the basics of logistics aimed at operational and tactical practitioners. The program consists of 9 core modules delivered over 3 days and numerous optional modules to customise and extend the program.   > English Flyer   > French Flyer

Pharma and Health Supply Chain Management (PSM)

This is a 4 day course aimed at health care professionals and medical logisticians from humanitarian agencies and government ministries. There is an optional 1 day, which can focus on developing an improvement plan or running through an emergency case study.   > English Flyer   > French Flyer

Medical Logistics in Pandemics (MLP)

This 12-hour interactive online course is developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to support healthcare professionals and medical logisticians from humanitarian agencies and governmental entities. The course aims to equip aid workers and healthcare staff with essential logistics knowledge in the context of a medical operation, including supply chain preparedness, response and good practices.   > English Flyer   > French Flyer


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